How does HBS bring stability/cash flow to your real estate business and take it to the next level and beyond?


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At Home Benefit Solutions we specialize in helping agents build their business through corporate partnerships where you bundle a variety of real estate services, offer a discount to those services and then include those services as part of your corporate partner's employee benefits program. 

At HBS we strive to partner with agents and brokers who have high business standards, so we require that all of our members have no complaints or sanctions against them in the real estate business. In order to accomplish this, we vet each potential HBS partner before approving them for membership. We do this because we take our reputation and yours, very seriously. So you know that you will be in good company.

We provide training and strategy sessions.

When you become a member of HBS that is just the beginning. You will be invited to participate in training sessions to help you understand the program, familiarize you with our website, resource site and backend functionality. From there we will show you how to build your network of service providers, create a bundle of services and strategize with you to help you zero in on potential companies and organizations within your sphere so you can be up and running in no time.

We provide you with customizable websites to promote your business.

A huge part of our service is to give you as much of a plug and play experience as possible. That isn't to say that you won't have a lot of work to do in getting things organized, this is a new way of doing business after all.

Agent's Website: You will be provided with a website known as the Agency Site which is designed to help you promote your service to companies and organizations you want to partner with. This website is easy to build out within a few hours using functionality you will likely be familiar with if you have ever used WordPress or Word.  The Website is fully customizable to tell your story, outline your service and the benefit package and includes a simple online application so that potential corporate partners can communicate and/or make application directly with you.

Corporate Website: Every time you sign a new corporate partner, we will provide you with a Corporate Site that will be branded to your business and your corporate partner. This site is also fully customizable so that it tells your story and outlines the benefit offering for the employee. It will be linked to the employers HR website or benefits page so every time an employee wants to buy or sell a home, they contact you directly for service. There is no restriction on how many corporate websites you can have as part of your membership so you can go bananas and sign a 1,000 companies if you want.

Business Analytics

Making sure that your time is effectively spent is a priority so we built analytics into the website so you will be able to see with one click all of you corporate partners, how many clicks you're getting on your various corporate websites, how many uses and their status. You will also be able to assign leads to you team members so you can track who is working with whom. The most important aspect is that you can easily track which companies are paying dividends and which are not so you can focus on those companies to find out what isn't working and create a marketing program to get the word out to the employees.

Resources and Marketing Tools.

As part of your membership you will have exclusive access to our Members Resource Area. There you will find many tools to help you in growing your business. 

Letter Library: In the letter library you will find HBS specific letters for use when incubating potential corporate partners along with a variety of letters for use in your real estate business. These are the same letters I used in my real estate business for years and they are at your disposal.

Marketing Materials: When you become a member of HBS you will receive a starter marketing packet which will include Employer and Employee Brochures, Employee and Employer Presentation Folder. These are perfect for creating welcome packets for a program roll out or new employee orientation packet. There is a Poster for use by your corporate partners when promoting your services or events to their employees. There are print ready files for each of these marketing pieces in the resource area available for you to have printed. You can even customize them with your brand, contact info, etc.

Staying in front of your group all the time is critical if you want to be top of mind. To help you achieve that you will receive a monthly Newsletter that you can customize to your brand with your picture, logo and website/contact information. These newsletters are top quality so you will be happy to include them in your marketing program. They can either be printed for face to face hand out or emailed directly to your corporate partners employees.

Efficient and Cost Effective.

At HBS we are striving to provide you with a comprehensive program to help you achieve even your wildest goals at a reasonable price. Literally, for the daily cost of a cup or coffee and a donut, you can put our system to work and create the business, income and wealth you are wishing for.






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